Quick tune…. Glary Utilities

If your office has mission critical computer systems it is smart to have a professional IT person that can tend to your computers. It is also good to have an in-house person that can handle simple issues and do some light maintenance. This can save you some money by avoiding calling the ‘IT guy” for simple maintenance things. The thing to remember is that your ‘in-house’ guy is not an IT professional so you need to keep his tasks simple and provide tools that are effective yet easy to use. One of the best tools for the ‘in-house’ IT guy or the micro-businessman that must maintain his own computers, is Glary Utilities.

The great thing about Glary Utilities is that it is simple to use for the novice. It has the ‘1-Click Maintenance’ which will run the Registry cleaner, Shortcuts fixer, Startup manager, Temporary Files Cleaner, Tracks Eraser, and the Spyware Remover. It is awesomely simple. More experienced IT professionals also like this tool. I know I do. If your more experienced or want to perform a specific set of tasks, you may also use Glaries Utilities for it’s specific modules.

The modules are ‘Clean up & Repair’, ‘Optimize &Improve’, ‘Privacy & Security’, ‘Files & Folders’ and ‘System Tools’. each of theses modules has a set of tasks associated with it which making your computer maintenance faster and easier.

Running Glary Utilities is like a tune-up for your car. Your computer handles lots of files and processes large amounts of data, you need to keep it maintained for it to run smoothly and prevent larger issues. Glary Utilities can’t replace your IT professional but it is a tool that you can use to do your part in maintaining your computers. Leave the heavy-lifting to the professional and save money by not having to make costly maintenance call for smaller issues.

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